2012 begins!

Happy new year everybody!

May we make resolutions that we can actually keep.

It was our first Christmas as newly weds ( a few months old) was spent with family and friends. Great food, great company and great weather, what more could one ask for?

New year was ushered in style…from home too with  family and friends. Frankly none of us had the energy to go out on 31st as we had an early event to attend on the first, my niece’s baptism.

My niece’s baptism was the best way to end the Christmas break, it was a beautiful day spent with beautiful people.  Major highlights were the tasty pilau and beef stew with killer kachumbari. Too bad we did not take photos. Dessert was  black forest cake from Valentines Cake House….yummy…. I am salivating just thinking about it,  we could not get enough of it.

Another highlight was catching my niece red-handed rummaging through my handbag for her present.  LOL!

I love that baby girl to bits!


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