Of Friends and Friendship

“A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”. Anon

My SIL and I were talking about friends and friendship earlier today.

I love my friends and know all too well how bad it hurts when the ones you love hurt you. I am not a perfect friend,  but I like to think that I do try to be there for my friends when they need me.

I do not have too many friends, and I am the kind of person who would rather have a few friends that matter to me than many who are just tagging along with you for the ride.

I have lost many friends along the way but what irks me is when you lose a friend because they  suddenly think they are much better than you due to various reasons; a better job, better house, marriage, babies, or level of education. If you are that type of a person shame on you!


To my friends who have been by my side through the ups and downs, I love you all unconditionally. You know yourselves and I will try to be a better friend this year.

Here is to great friends and great friendships on 2012!!


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