Of married life so far….

When some of our friends ask what it is like to be married,  I always wonder if there is a specific answer we should give, and if so, what answer will it be?

If I say I am happy, I receive some skeptic looks like it is wrong to be deliriously happy.  If I say interesting, I am met with blank looks. All I know is that I am indeed happy and would not have it any other way.

I also believe that a lot of people are very negative about marriage. If it did not work  for you, it doesn’t mean all other marriages are doomed to failure. As much as there are many lousy relationships out there, there are even more beautiful ones where partners treat each other with respect, humility and love, loyalty, praise and acceptance.

Is our relationship perfect? I do not know what perfect is so I cannot answer that either.

It is a lovely learning experience and not easy breezy but it is one ride I am thoroughly enjoying so far!


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