Sleazy Bosses

Yesterday, one of our newer colleagues got the results of her probational review. Her immediate superior had given her really low grades which was surprising as she is very hardworking and learns really fast. Turns out there was an underhand reason as she had refused to give in to his advances! Yes ! in this day and Age!

It reminded me of my first job. My boss was nice initially and very thoughtful ( or so I thought), until it was time for my confirmation. The guy began all sorts of advances and each time I put him off, it just seemed to egg him on. There was no HR in the company at the time, so I complained to the M.D who did nothing! (probably cause they were the same race). It was HELL. I got sick at the thought of going to work, lost so much weight and quit when my family and friends told me its never that serious. 

yes, he was that nasty looking...

I got another job almost immediately but was angry for a long time, especially at male bosses. Nothing in uni had prepared me for such an experience.

I feel bad for every woman who has experienced any form of harassment in the workplace due to her gender.

More so I  am very disappointed at every woman who ever gave in to a male superior’s advances as she made the guy believe that any other woman is game. 

Let us all say no to sleazy bosses from hell.


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