How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

1. Your strength, you are a strong man and I love how you take charge and the head of the home that you are.

2. You are God fearing. I love that you believe in God and you are taking the lead in prayer in our marriage.

3. You are a great provider, generous and there is nothing I lacked and have felt the need to ask you for.

4. You know me so well, inside and out, you understand what makes me tick.

5. You are intuitive.

6. You are great at your job.

7. You are a man of  vision and action.

8. You are humble.

9. You have  a great sense of humor and so funny 🙂

10.You are a go getter and work hard to achieve your dreams.

11. You are a man of integrity.

12.You are a great leader.

13. You are faithful and dependable.

14. You are flexible but also firm when situations demand it.

15. You have fabulous negotiating skills.

16. You are protective and sincere.

17. You are so good at keeping time.

18. You are tolerant ( of me especially).

19. You are trustworthy.

20. You are a sportsman. I came to know what a triathlon is through you. he he

To  be continued……




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