About myself…. at work

I asked my colleagues to tell me something about myself,  here are the results:-

1. Very caring.

2. Observant.

3.  Jovial

4. Respectful and polite

5. Responsible

6. Anger easily, do not like being belittled.

7. Gentle

8. Generous

9.  Ati  I hate my boss! (So not true!!!!)

10. Warm

11. I do not show my negative side he he he ( i must be perfect at hiding my flaws in the workplace hehe)

12. Frank

13. Brown

14. Cool

15. I am inquisitive ( “mimi husoma watu sana kwa undani”).

16. Humble and down to earth, though at first impressions I come across as proud and haughty.

18.  I have no patience for people who do things the wrong way or are slow.

20. Polite

21. Rude

22. Firm

And that is Wanjoro at work.

I wonder how come nobody said hardworking 😦

PS: I was so bored to have done this!

Have a great weekend.



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