Weekend breakfast :Drop scones

I apologise for not posting any recipes this week… lazy me.

Anyway, I love drop scones and my folks used to make them  for us when we were young. I was finally able to make them and they turned out as well as my Mum’s, well almost. I usually make them on Sundays or public holidays for breakfast.

This is the recipe I use.


2 cups exe self-raising flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tbsp sugar, a little vanilla essence,1 beaten egg, 2 cups milk and oil for frying, some nuts and raisins (optional).

Mix dry ingredients, add eggs, half the milk and vanilla essence to make a smooth batter and add remaining milk.

Heat pan or griddle and oil lightly, drop tablespoons of batter leaving them until they bubble on the surface and bubbles begin to burst. Turn and cook till golden brown on both sides. They should look something like this…

finally, my drop scones...

Enjoy :-).

PS: I usually add cinnamon, nuts and raisins to the batter last hope you like them that way too.

You can also try natural yoghurt instead of milk, turned out ok for me.

I usually make my pancakes every sunday with the same ingredients but add melted butter to the  thinner batter, yummy!!!


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