Culinary Delights: Coasterian Fruit Salad

 Wednesdays will be set aside for “Culinary Delights” posts.

Since I have fabulous friends 🙂 they decided to contribute recipes on a rotational basis. Michelle, who lives in the lovely coastal city of Mombasa got the first chance and here is her contribution:-

Coastarian fruit salad recipe


1 ripe mango

One large onion





– Cut onion in small cubes shape. Put the onions in a bowl with some vinegar and let the onions soak for a while.

-Squeeze the onions to remove their juice. Once done drain the vinegar and put the onion cubes in a clean dry bowl.

– Cut the mangoes into small cubes. Once done keep them in a clean dry bowl.

– Grate carrots into a clean dry bowl.

– Take a salad bowl, mix the onions, carrots and mangoes well.

– Add mayonnaise to your preferable taste.

– Once mixed well, put the salad in the fridge to chill until ready.

Best enjoyed as a snack on a Sunday afternoon or with mixed rice.


My result 🙂

Above is last night’s result. I did not use a lot of mayonnaise as I am not a big fan of it.

Verdict : Very delicious especially when well chilled. H and I loved it!




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