Small World

We were with a friend on Sunday, speaking of young girls who seek relationships with older moneyed men (is it not sad?)

So our pal starts telling us of a young lady, 24 years old, who had  been kept by some older dude in Karen. She drove a nice Range Rover Sport, shopped at the best places, but had no freedom.Time with friends and folks was limited but all other needs were being met. All the while, she was very aware that this guy had a wife and kids and she could not be bothered that she was wrecking someone’s family. They broke up after she cheated on him, but he still supports her financially.

As we continued chatting and she described the guy, Hubby and I realised we KNOW this man. He is a family friend’s husband! I was so disgusted. His wife is aware of the guy’s philandering ways, and had actually been threatened by the said girl,but she does not want to leave. (Methinks it’s out of fear of an uncertain financial future).

As much as we would not like to believe the things discussed by Maina and King’ang’i and believe “Busted” is staged, most of the stuff they discuss does happen in people’s lives, and they (the victims)are the only ones who know and choose whether to act or not. It is easy for me to think and believe that it is easy to leave, but such circumstances are not that clear-cut.

Question: What would you do?


6 thoughts on “Small World

  1. I’d respond according to my motivation. If I married him for his money, then the signs of his philandering probably existed before he married me, but I married him anyway. Consequently, I wouldn’t leave him.

    I won’t talk about Maina and King’ang’ior busted because two wrongs do not make a right and these shows get on my last nerve.

    It takes two to tango, and I think any player should not expect not to be played. Thatisall.


    1. Kweli kabisa. One cannot expect to change a man, ain’t ever going to happen. If he lied and cheated during courtship, marrying you will not stop him, unless he himself wants to change. But as ladies in love we like deluding ourselves that things cannot be that bad. Remember the “I’d rather cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle” mentality.

      I also agree with you that cheating because he does is not right, under ANY circumstances.


  2. Ciiku

    And the man knows the wife will not leave him you know?
    It is sad the state of our generation. Let us pray y’all!

    As for the radio shows…….. I do not know what to say because I only listen to G Money…. 🙂


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