Just came from Church. Wonderful service and it was nice catching up with family and friends.

However I have beef  with random people asking random questions such as “So…. when is the baby coming?” eeeeh what baby?

When you are a couple, people want to know when you will tie the knot. After the wedding, they want to know when you will have kids! REALLY?

That is none of your business y’all.

H says I should develop a thick skin as the silly questions (as he puts it) will never end. People will always want to be up in your business even when you are not in theirs. Why is that?

I remember our vows clearly and know there is nowhere we stated if and when we will have kids, that is our business.

Have a not so nosy week readers 🙂

PS: Any tips on how to counter such not so delicate queries?




8 thoughts on “Why????????????

  1. Wanjoro

    🙂 tips Ciiku now that im the club. And its worse when you are under the weather. the only explanation is that your body is adjusting what???


  2. Woi… I feel you totally though from the other end of the spectrum, I got my kids when I was pretty young and I got all sorts of questions – its very irritating and annoying. I remember at one point trying to explain myself that its what I wanted and all but then they still persisted and I realised they will never stop.

    I think what you should do is just let them be, because they will forever ask, so tough skin is essential and not taking it seriously and at the end of the day its what you want that matters


  3. Wanjoro…i so totally feel you. This is so standard in Kenya. Goddy and I went out for like 7 years, the Qs then was when will u guys settle down together? Soon after we did, the tagging Qs became..”so when are we seeing the young ones? offcourse we stayed for like 4 yrs before we had our first child. Now they are asking when the next one is coming…ati ooh the spacing shouldn’t be far apart! This is our life…we have learnt to wear the tough skin…and let them just be. At the end of the day, we are the ones who will meet all our financial obligations to our kid(s)…none of the ones questioning will lift a finger to help in the upbringing of the kids…steer your life and smile whenever the Qs is popped..:)-


  4. Love the responses! Whenever people ask when I’m settling down, she tells them two things:
    1. In God’s time
    2. There’s no pressure.

    I love those two answers and I’ve come to own them. Most of the time, my skin’s thick enough. Sometimes, you just roll with the punches. 😎


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