Kiddish behaviour

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Yesterday we attended our monthly Chama  meeting and all was well.   Afterwards, my SIL and a family friend of ours decided to play pool before leaving.  They paid for 2 games and started playing.

When a group of older men walked in, the bartender came and asked my SIL and Co. to wrap it up as the older guys wanted to play. (there is only one pool table in the place). My SIL said fine though it was interesting cause this guys had just walked in and had not even ordered drinks or settled down. The problem however was HOW the bartender said it.  It gets diluted in translation but it was something to the effect off get done and leave you’re wasting time for more serious players, and the guy stood there to wait. (BTW does this game even have a time limit?). Of course my SIL was offended and told him so and anyway they had paid so why not let them finish in peace and leave. then this guy reacts in a weird way pushes them and takes the balls off the table and walks off in a huff!

Now, SIL and Co. got mad and followed the guy to find out what’s wrong, and he keeps going on and on about how disrespectful young people are and our money is not important as we are not heavy spenders and on and on and on. the whole thing was just ridiculous. Mind you, this barman is in his late fifties.  So sis asked for her money back and the guy refused. We were all confused as to what this guy’s problem was. By now, the whole room was watching the whole exchange. the other staff intervened but the guy still stood his ground, no balls n refund.

So we asked if they have a problem with clients of a younger age, and if that is the case, why not put a notice. We have used that place since last year and have never taken alcohol or been loud, we just meet, eat and leave. It took H and the other staff  a while to calm everyone down and we decided to leave. But I wonder why some older people just seem to have an intense hatred towards younger people.



9 thoughts on “Kiddish behaviour

  1. Sorry about that. I think it boils down to customer service. And in Kenya, I’m afraid I have to say that we’re a long way off from where we should be.

    I hope you guys are going to move to a new venue, and that you’ll let the management know exactly why you’re moving. Which reminds me – I need to talk to my hairdresser about why I moved.


    1. Medam, apparently dude WAS the manager! the place is so down (as in few customers) so we know our few pennies do help the place once a month. BTW, the other staff were pleading with us not to change our meeting venue 🙂


  2. Why am I not surprised. This bullish behaviour has been on the increase of late though. For example, there are some local joints in my hood I would not step into due to being treated like a second class citizen. “Eti ni bar ya wazee” SMH!


  3. Hehehehehe…am with Wamakeri here its customer service thats lacking also respect to some extent. As much as you are younger at a premise and some older patrons want to you a service like in your case doesnt not warrant the management or staff disrespect you, because at the end of the day you paid your dues.

    And let the know loud and clear why you moved premises and let them know as well that the word is out “they suck at customer service”


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