Hope y’all head a lovely Easter holiday. Mine was pretty busy, it being planting season and all….he he

I have always wondered what makes strangers want to start conversations with you in random places, it could be on the bus, walking down the street, or even in a hospital waiting area.  Yep, it happened to me as i waited to see the doctor the other day. I was feeling quite ill and was reading a book to while away the time. The guy next to me startes some random conversation on how you can tell what tribe people are on how they look, and he could not place me … really????

To be honest I switched off and dug my nose even further in my book and ignored him completely.

I do wonder is there some place people learn how to ask dumb stuff? or was he just bored and wanted to provoke me into a discussion with him? I got no idea.

Have a lovely Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “Really???

  1. Ciiku

    Actually, when someone randomly talks to me, I usually respond and depending on what they are talking about. Like at that point, I would have told the guy that his mentality is the reason this country cannot move forward.


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