Kids say the darndest things

 Hubby and I went attended a party on Sunday; our friends had their child baptised and had put together a lovely luncheon for family and friends. There were LOTS of kids, their nieces and nephews, and friends kids, all below 10 years old. It was quite noisy but lots of fun. Now, there was this sweet angelic lil’ girl, who is just learning how how to talk, and guess what the sweet one’s choice words for everyone were: “tat up!” that is, ‘shut up’ in adult lingo!

Seriously, that is all the girl can say. Now, given that we do not have any little ones of our own yet, I cannot judge on others’ parenting skills, but I would be horrified and cannot imagine taking my child to my mother only for her to say sweetly to her grandma, “tat up!”


3 thoughts on “Kids say the darndest things

  1. All kids know how to say “shut up” yours too when time comes, they will if not “tat up” it will be “shhh!” or “keep quiet”. Reason for this; they are in their 2nd year of life when they can speak something almost audible and they throw tantrums a lot and crying is part of them, so any parent gets tough on them and tell them to “shut up!”


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