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Where I work, maternity leave is 2 months only!  and….you forgo your annual leave too.

So,  you gotta work till the last day (yep till you give birth) so as not to lose the precious days) and if  you forgo your annual leave does that not mean that maternity leave is only one month and the rest your leave? And is maternity leave really leave? I mean are you not adjusting to the baby and changes to your body and all?

A colleague gave birth the other day straight after getting home from the office. she is fine thank God! and this is the norm at work, you cannot afford to take time off before your due date.  According to the big kahuna, most of his employees are ladies of childbearing age and he really cannot afford to have them on leave for the whole three months and anyway, he is known to argue, when expectant you are not 100% productive in your first and last trimesters so you really cannot afford to complain about the 2 months!

Ps: They omitted the above info during induction, how convenient don’t you think?

Thoughts my good people …………



5 thoughts on “Where I work

  1. Hold on to your sit because this is going to be a long one.

    First of all its illegal. It is gazetted that all female employees get 90days FULLY PAID for maternity leave as long as there is prove they are pregnant and/or they have delivered (still birth or alive). It also states that the 90days do not by any chance include your annual leave days, you are still entitled to you leave days FULLY PAID. For the annual leave you need to agree with management if its possible to take it hand in hand with the maternity leave.

    Secondly, at 2 months you child hasn’t developed dependency on other people because they depend on the mother primarily for nurturing, it is possible that they have learnt other people but then when you get back to work and its 9-5, the scenario of you being auntie and the help being Mama is very likely, 90% likely. This is because your child is nurtured by someone else and therefore you take the back seat in their life.

    I know organisation that give you 6 months maternity fully paid. I was lucky I got 4 months and annual leave and worked half-day till the babies were 9 months for both babies. And the one condition was; when I was working half-day all my projects, reports to be handed over on time, no excuse of time something else but time.


    1. Ciiku

      I agree with Rugi completely. It is in the labour act that you get 90 days PLUS your annual leave. So here, it is a matter of the guy feeling like he is above the law!!! Know your rights is what I say????!!! And how does the legal team and the HR department say about this?


  2. ooh to add, the sixty days include public holidays and sundays, acc to the big kahuna, huku sio gava! one guy who asked about the policy got fired so thats muiganania for you


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