Finally did it!

Yay! I finally led the Kikuyu service in our church and all went well, though Kikuyu is not the easiest language to read and the prayers are rather long in the prayer book, but I did not stutter even once.

I thank God though I was a bit nervous at first he he.

Yesterday was Brigade sunday in our church and the kids led the readings in all the services. I was humbled and challenged by listening and watching kids read the Kikuyu bible fluently men! Those kids are good and kudos to their folks who have taught them in this day and age!  Though there is still the challenge of female dominance even in the brigade. We have only 2 male members and I liked it when one of the Sunday school teachers challenged the men to be better role models to their sons and encourage them to be more active in Church activities. More reading on the brigade can be found here.

Where are the boys I ask?


3 thoughts on “Finally did it!

  1. I tip my hat to you. My kyuk is shady and my kyuk pals are always making fun of how I talk…so I stick to kiswahili and very simple kikuyu words…and yet I envy those who are not only fluent but also can beautifully mix it up with English…their dialogue is soo jazzy


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