Of Public spaces and lousy breath


It’s been a while, battling a bad cough and cold and cannot take any medicine due to some circumstances “cough cough”.

Anyway, went to watch a play some time ago with Hubby, SILs and some friends. We did not all share seats so were scattered all over.

After the show, one of my SILs and friend confessed that they did not enjoy the comedy as much as we did as they were seated next to people with the most awful breath. Poor guys 😦

Its like being in a matatu and the guy next to you tries to strike up a conversation but the breath arrgh!!!

Image source: toonpool.com


Can you tell that person they have bad breath and if so how? This is a total stranger its not like a friend whom you can offer breath mints or tell them their breath stinks in a nice loving way.


Due to the nature of my job, I move around A LOT  in a day using matatus. I love observing how people behave in public. There was this poor girl who had a hard time getting in the matatu as she had some really really high shoes on that she could barely walk in, and she almost slipped and fell. Aiii, are stilettos worth a broken ankle?


3 thoughts on “Of Public spaces and lousy breath

  1. Hehee.. Appaently I don’t feel the pity for the girl. She’s just like the ladies who keep pulling their mini skirts down, mbona ulivaa?!! ION, Can I have your e-mail address?


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