Choosy begging

On Friday morning, Hubby and I were driving to Parklands and at the junction near Visa Oshwal, there was a guy on crutches begging from passing motorists.  (Forgive me if it sounds bad but guys who beg around Westgate and Parklands are very choosy on who they beg from.  …)So the car in front of us was a Mercedes 200 driven by an Indian guy. As we waited at the junction for the road to clear, the guy opened his door and handed what looked like a Ksh 20 or 40 coin to the guy on crutches. This is where it got interesting…. the guy on crutches begged for some more and when the Indian guy declined, he threw the coin back at him and said something we could not hear but I know it was not pleasant. 

Heee, I though times were tough and we should all be grateful for what we have whether we worked hard for it or begged for it. I never saw a beggar who turned down what he was offered! Interesting.


7 thoughts on “Choosy begging

  1. I know of a choosy beggar. There is a a lady in town who is always loitering with two kids around Koinange st and Loita St. One day I was pulling out of the basement and as I was chilling to join the street, the lady walks up to me and asks in very good english if I could assist her. I remembered I hadn’t finish my packed lunch, so did my pal who I was giving a lift, so we decided to combine the food in her container since hers was take-away and give her at least the kids will have something to eat. When I handed her the container, she said ” I don’t want food, I want financial assistance”. I was taken aback and sent her away and marked her face. Two weeks ago I met her at uchumi buying soda and biscuit.


  2. Wanjoro,

    You haven’t seen bad until you meet this one (a woman) usually stationed along the Parliament buildings area. Her style is to beg in a humble manner and when turned down turns into a monster, curses you and promises you will see dust when RAO becomes president later in the year!


  3. Interesting for sure. Just today colleagues and I were talking about this at lunch and once of them narrated how a woman use her child’s leg to clobber him because of the small amount of money he had given to her!


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