A baboon attack

 This morning I was going through some old photos and came across some taken last year at Lake Nakuru National Park. There is a clip my cousin had taken of a baboon getting into a van in the parking lot and I remember we laughed wickedly at how the guys in the other van panicked. Little did I know I was next in line when the same baboon found me in the van all by myself!We were five of us Hubby, my aunt, my cousin, the driver, and myself. I do not remember exactly how it came to be that I was left in the van by myself.

 Unfortunately, the driver had left his window rolled down and in came the big baboon. I froze at first then tried to shoo it off with the closest weapon I could get which was a rolled up newspaper, and the thing did not budge, now I was in full panic mode and started screaming but no one came to help me. Luckily there was no food in the van, but it now meant the baboon would probably pick something else to get away with. I was in a dilemma to pick my aunty’s bag or mine first or my cousin’s phone which was right there on his seat,or the camera, open the door and run away all in record time. Do not ask me how I did it but I managed to get the door open and jumped out screaming carrying all the stuff.

The baboon just jumped off and walked away looking bored and I was left shaking like a leaf. My auntie and the guys came back just in time to see the baboon walk away and when I told them what happened, they laughed at me…… really hard, wicked laughter… yani no pity just laughter 😦

 According to H, I should not have shooed it off or panicked, I should have just walked away as baboons do not fear females, is that  even true?


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