The Case of the Missing Strawberries

We have some strawberry plants that were given to us as gifts by a couple that is very dear to us. So we set up a spot for them in the kitchen garden behind our house away from prying eyes and fingers. We tended to them diligently…ok H, did…watering them every morning and looking out for weeds, eagerly awaiting the red, juicy goodness. One plant seemed to be doing better than the other, it flowered and bore one strawberry. We decided to wait till it completely ripens, you can imagine the anticipation. Only to discover one evening that the strawberry was gone!  No worries yet we waited again and this time round they were 2, only for them to disappear again!


Y’all can imagine the disappointment and wonder on who was stealing / eating the strawberries and since were both gone during the day, it was not easy to pinpoint any suspects.  Three weeks ago there were two strawberries peeking out of the leaves and this time we were determined to taste our fruits first,  but alas they were gone again! This was not even funny as it got to the point where I was sure H would start suspecting me as I usually get home before him.

We still do not know what came of the others but H’s mum solved the mystery to the latest missing fruits. Apparently an uncle of ours had visited and gone round our house,  saw the delectable fruits and picked to take to his wife who likes them! Hmmm i wonder if they got to her? And what about the rest of the strawberries, who stole/ ate them? Will we ever get to taste our strawberries at this rate I wonder?



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