Our ruined garden

Sadly, our kitchen garden is barely surviving 😦  Just before the rains got heavy, we had planted the usual dhania, spinach, carrots and beetroot. The chillies are still there as well as the capsicum but the carrots and beetroots were a no show. And the heavy rains flattened most of the dhania and spinach.  The guy who helps out with the gardening  at home  had planted some spring onions but they were flattened too.

To make matters worse, the garden has been invaded by some banana shoots that are sprouting all over the place, courtesy of an old banana we cut down but left so many of the seeds such as the ones below that just keep sprouting all over the place.  And they are not easy to get rid of as they are so many including underground!

Source : wikipedia.org

And now with the disappearing strawberries, I am wondering  if we will get to eat anything from our shamba . We also need  to figure out a way of getting rid of the numerous banana seeds. Any ideas?


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