On married life so far…

It is less than a year since our wedding and I must admit that every day is a great learning experience. H and I were friends for over ten years before and thought we knew each other pretty well but marriage has thrown that assumption out the window. We have had to get used to each other on a really personal level, which is not easy for people who had lived solo prior to living together. What has been a great lesson for me is not to make any assumptions about anything. Especially who is to do what. We are two people who share similar values and background but have been brought up differently. I do not have any brothers neither does he. I am from a small family of three girls, he is the only brother to four sisters. But we are moving along well and I love it. And I know the results of our different reactions in various situations are what will create our own traditions in our young family.

When I read this earlier today some of the points really stuck home especially 2, 6 and 10.


We went visiting some good friends a couple who have been together for about seventeen years when this played out… 

Him: P. please lock the door so the dog does not get into the house.

Her: OK 

About ten minutes later… 

Him: Honey, did you lock the door?

Her: Yes I did 

A few minutes later there is a cold draft coming in 

Him: Did you lock the door when I asked you too?

Her : I think so, I am not sure did you ask me to?

Him: I did a while ago and I am sure these guys heard me too

Her: Oh, ok

Him: Can you lock the door now?

Her: Ok, I will, let me just finish what I am doing

Him: Just do it now, you will forget and who knows who or what can come in the house when you are all alone with the door unlocked.

Her: Ok fine I’ll close it but you do not have to get too dramatic about it. 

There was a pause then the guy got up to lock the door himself. 

I was trying so hard not to laugh because good people, H and I do have the same conversation just that the roles are reversed and for me it is the windows and doors and because of security and the neighbours’ cats, no dogs.


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