Monday Blues

 I do not like Mondays. At all. Such a dampener after a great weekend, and is it me or is it too cold today? I wish I could take all Mondays off. Anyway hope I’ll feel better as the day ends and begin a countdown to the weekend 🙂

Speaking of weekends, mine was short but nice. H and I went to visit my Sister and her family on Saturday evening and had a blast. To be honest I did not want to go home but we had to 😦

Thanks A and J for welcoming us, we had a lot of fun and need to do it again SOONEST! 

We had company yesterday afternoon which was fun too watching our wedding video again and enjoying some funny moments especially during the reception. One was when one of our uncles decided to entertain the guests with some dance moves during the entertainment. He was matching / dancing round the grounds and there is this instance when he lunged towards the cake. My heart did skip a beat when he did that at the wedding but its funny now. Oh and btw, he was sober.

Second was my Aunty Em, my mother’s younger sister who is one funny lady who regaled the guests with tales (yep, I am calling them tales) of H’s prowess at killing dangerous snakes and fixing stalled cars in the highway, which has proven to her that he is a worthy mate for her dearest niece. Then she went ahead to tell the guests how much the family is happy for us which was a hint for the seated family members to come present their gifts and when they did not get up, she turned towards them and started calling them out in Kikuyu. When they came, she went ahead to say “ na haha twina ido tumuguriire, thani, iciko, thafuria na korogosho icio igii” ( and here we have plates, spoons, saucepans and other junk/ paraphernalia) much funnier in mother tongue.

Another was this old mzee who is a family friend caught capturing moments of the day on his teeny, weeny phone. He is a former journalist by the way but I have seen the phone and y’all cannot see the photos taken clearly but hey, he made the effort.

 The snake tale is another post all together. Coming soon.

Have a great week good people!




2 thoughts on “Monday Blues

    1. LOL! now you are tempting me to update this post to include that gem, but H just might make true his threats so I will give him a choice between including his “thanksgiving” and the snake tale post which is ready and scheduled to be posted tomorrow 🙂


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