Weekend movie

 H has exams, so I have been keeping myself busy by watching tv and some reading.

I was watching this Bollywood film last night about three childhood friends who decide to take a bachelors’ road trip through Spain before one of them ties the knot. I did not watch it from the beginning and did not wait to the end as I was too sleepy tired.

So, each of the friends was to choose an activity for them to do collectively. The first one was deep sea diving in Costa Brava …aaah the beauty under the sea…

I did some snorkeling last year and enjoyed it so much so deep sea diving is something that I definitely have to try out. Do not know when though.

The second activity was sky diving in Seville. The shots taken in the sky were amazing and those guys did seem to be having so much fun that you can almost forget how dangerous it is. H watched this part too and that is one thing that is right up his alley, together with two of his sisters and my dearest niece Jeanette (once she is old enough though). Those are the daredevils in the family right there. And between sky diving and deep sea diving, I’d rather be down than high up. But is it not beautiful and thrilling at the same time?

The third and final activity was running with the bulls in Pamplona. Typical male escapade right?

Source: http://www.jaunted.com

Unfortunately I did not wait to watch this part so I cheated courtesy of Google to find out how the movie ends and though I now know, I will still look for the movie and watch it from beginning to end.I would love to go on a road trip with my closest friends but I honestly do not know which activity I would pick.

 What is the most thrilling/ daring thing you have ever done or want to try out with your friends?


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