The Snake Tale

I do not like snakes, correction, I do not like reptiles as a whole.

One of the early dates I went on with H was for a simple Sunday picnic at Nairobi national park after church, quite spontaneous. So we got some sandwiches and juice and off we went. We drove slowly enjoying the wildlife and each other’s company. Down one of the roads we saw this lone giraffe in the grasslands, against the blue sky a beautiful sight we had to capture.  Then H got this great idea to get out of the car and I was to take a photo of him with the giraffe behind him. So being the nice girlfriend I am I agreed and he got out, walked and posed. Before I could even take a few shots he jumped up suddenly and ran shouting at me to get back in the car.  We got back into the car and drove off quickly.  Apparently there had been a snake basking in the sun and he had interrupted it’s siesta, luckily he saw it before it could strike and jumped. All I had seen was the grass rustling but such a close shave was scary!

All I could think of was if things had gone awry, how could I have : gotten help,  faced his family and three, explained to park authorities how and why we had flaunted their regulations.

When I told this to Aunty Em some years later, I had no idea it would be repeated at our wedding reception embelished with the part where he killed the snake that was about to attack us for no reason whatsoever and he emerged as my hero!


2 thoughts on “The Snake Tale

  1. Wanjoro, I think you should have some “guidance” when writing some of your pieces….too hilarious to read and worse when I am seated in an open plan office….
    One of these days the HR will send me a memo.


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