Respect in marriage

It has been a while since i blogged, but im doing fine now and looking forward to blogging some more!


Last night H and I watched an episode of Laugh Your way to a better marriage (again!) and the guy was talking about the differences in how males and females communicate and perceive different things. One of the things that stood out was how sometimes as wives we do not support our husbands enough, orย  rather do not have faith in them and do not hesitate in telling them so to their faces. Which is obviously wrong and hurts the guy badly but we still go ahead and do it.ย He gave an example of how he once overheard aย pastor’s wife put down her husband by saying,ย “everyone thinks you are so perfect and willing to help, if they only knew howย useless you are!”

Itย  also reminded me of a sermon I watched on sunday on the same issue. That preacher really emphasized on the importance ofย supporting each other wholly and not putting each other down in marriage.ย  We all express love for each other differently and it is important to understand that your partner’s way of expressing may be small acts of kindness, while for you it is in words, it differs. One of the things I always ask God when I pray for my marriage is that I may always RESPECT my husband, in words and in action. I do not want to be one of those women who tell of their husbands as good for nothing or tell others of how useless their husbands are, or mistreat him due to some wrong he has done, perceived or actual. Despite his faults, I chose him, and despite my faults, he chose me soย we proceed as weย are on this journey of building a life together and striving to improve ourselves on the way.

It is not easy but it is worth the effortย to try. I have realised that it is easy to lapse into a comfort zone where everything is fine as long as it is going my way, but this relationship is not about pleasing me alone. There are two of us and it does take alotย to ensure “tusizoeane”. {Can’t really put that in English ๐Ÿ™‚ }

Have a great week!



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