Renewing a relationship

I have a cousin I really love. He is my favorite cousin in the whole wide world,  the blood brother I never had. We used to be so close when growing up and would hang out a lot when we finished school. Yep the whole raving thing and all.

Then we changed with the times, I do not know who changed first, me or him. We both changed I guess. I joined university and made new friends, he started working and hang out with working class dudes, and so our paths diverged. We started hanging out less and the phone calls decreased to a trickle. Then I began to hear stories, of his behaviour and trouble he would get into when drunk. He then got a habit of changing numbers and not picking  up my calls.

He was never available, too busy to even visit and never home when I visited him. He was one of the first people I told I am getting married and even wanted him to be one of the groomsmen but he declined, for goodness knows whichever reason.

We do meet once in a while, but only in family gatherings and that is if he shows up 🙂 I miss our friendship so much and the closeness we once shared. Is it possible to renew that relationship? But he has to be willing to right? Or am I grasping at straws? I always pray for him and sometimes even cry when I think of what is going on in his life, praying to God to show him the light and deliver him before it is too late. I know I may not have the power to resolve all that is going on with him, but I would so love for him to know that he can talk to me, share with me and I will help him where I can.

I want him to know that he is not alone. There are many of us who love and care for him so much it cannot be expressed, and he does not deserve to experience all that he is going through. That he has so much to be grateful for and even more to live for. Because deep down, despite the jovial facade he puts across, there is some stuff he does not want to face.

We last spoke a few minutes ago and he told me he will come over to our place on Sunday for a visit. Will he show up? A girl can hope or cant’ she?



3 thoughts on “Renewing a relationship

  1. I’m so sorry for you, Love! And I pray that you will get a chance to renew your relationship. The thing about family is that he probably knows that you can be his go-to-girl, but maybe he’s afraid that he’ll disappoint you because of the person he is.

    In all things, God’s grace is sufficient and His power is perfect in our weakness. I pray that you’ll have fun on Sunday because I’m hoping with you!!!


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