Hair issues

Is there any hairdresser in this town who encourages their clients to go natural? I have never relaxed my hair, I either blowdry or braid it. I do wish I could experiment with locks but that is a big no no where I work, so those plans are shelved for the moment 😦

My hair is manageable so I get irritated whenever I go the salon and as I get my hair styled, the hairdresser will ask, “why don’t you relax your hair?”.Eeeeeh, I do not want to! Same reason I do not want to wear a weave, nor cut my hair.

So many people ask that question that is makes me wonder if it is wrong to want to wear your hair natural.

My hair is not that bad is it?

  but compared to my younger sister’s :  y’all get why I am so sensitive about mine. She has the most beautiful, healthy  hair  and it is natural!  As for my elder sister, ummm, let us not go there 🙂 🙂

Retake… as for my elder sis, I do wish she never relaxed her hair but she still looks great right?




7 thoughts on “Hair issues

  1. LOL! Poleni sana and I’m with you in this dilemma. Right now, I make it a point not to go back to hairdressers who ask me to do something I don’t want to do with my hair.

    There is also Looking forward to joining this movement as a fully fledged member. Right now, I have about 29.3745% of relaxed hair. And it needs to go!


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