Bad commercials

Is it me or are there some really bad commercials on our screens right now?

Ai, so many I do not know where to begin. What’s the deal with the Always ad coming up at what is dinner / family time in most homes. It is not a pleasant soundtrack to one’s dinner. And the Harpic toilet cleaner ad with Suzanna Owiyo, Woi, those ladies do not look as if they are affected by the cost of toilet cleaner,  ama it’s just me being judgemental.

The Molo milk ad where the inlaws have been asked for cows and bring packets of milk! And the bride to be plus the groom to be continue to snip open the packets… wait for it…using their teeth! 

 And the bread commercials, do not get me started on the Supa loaf one where the thugs break into some home and get distracted by the bread in the fridge. Bring back the Supa loaf ‘slices of life’ ad good people, it was much better.There is also the other bread ad, pole do not remember the brand, where it talks about having a great body and show some chic on the couch enjoying her slices. Huh?

I am not hating, we have some great creative talent here but I  do not like the current trend. And what’s the deal with all these ‘singalong/musical ads’. Can we have a change people! I like the Coca Cola one on a billion reasons to believe in Africa but today’s post is not about good commercials, but bad ones.

I will post Links to these ads later when and if I find them and you can also have a looksee tonight and tell me what you think.

Do you my dear readers agree with me? (at least those who watch local tv) 🙂


5 thoughts on “Bad commercials

  1. I gave up on commercials in Kenya. However, I really love the Yellow Pages Billboard … the Let Your Fingers Do The Walking One. Thanks for putting this up. Creatives in Kenya are sleeping on the job!


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