Really liked this and wanted to share it with y’all. Enjoy the week ahead dear readers.

Project 44 - Eve and Adam

Somewhere along the way, most deviated from the path. Lost direction. Turned priorities upside down. Began paying attention to irrelevant statistics, appearances and wealth. We locked personality and character out. We flushed simplicity and character down the drain. It’s all gone now. We are without direction.

A guy who drives a Range Rover Sport, wears Hugo Boss suits and lives in a leafy suburb, can rest assured of a lady of his dreams and ‘marriage’. A lady with a pretty face , delicately rounded body- 34-24-36- is not short of suitors. Bachelors seeking high political and corporate offices are frowned upon. My point: As days go by we are slowly losing the point of marriage. Partner suitability is now based on wealth, appearances and other irrelevant factors hence the increasing divorce rates.

Marriage should know, no matter what a crappy day one had, when you get home and look into…

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