What’s b’n ‘ppening….

  • Did you guys watch NTV news last night about the ‘fake miracles’. WHAT? I do not know if its true or false but I do know some of these so called ‘preachers’ do so. H once overheard some guys at a function planning on posing at a famous televangelist’s crusade as sick people who had been healed. It is not enough for us as Christians to just join a church and wait to be spiritually fed. We need to read our Bibles people, and pray for discernment and wisdom as many of the things happening in today’s churches are not even based on Biblical principles.
  • My niece is turning 10 next month! I am so excited at how fast she has grown. She is yet to decide on what she wants from me so I need suggestions on a nice practical gift to give the lovely miss.
  • I am currently reading “Peeling back the Mask” YES! The Miguna one not the Mutula one and one thing I can say for now , ego notwithstanding,is the guy’s compositions must have been the best (in terms of colourful language) when he was in school. I am even coming across some English words I did not know before.. like “febrile”. 🙂
  • So much is happening in August. Several of our friends and relative are getting married, I am a ‘guest’ in our church ‘mini-fundraising’, and I need to visit some friends we have not seen in a while. Also need to visit both my grandmas all in the said month.
  • One of my relatives is getting married and WaMakeri will most probably be the emcee. YAY! We have not been invited to the wedding….yet…  But my sister might be the best maid 🙂
  • I met this lady who was one of our old neighbours on the bus yesterday on my way home. We never used to talk much just greetings. So this mama asks me how I’ve been, I respond well. Do I have any kids yet? I respond nope. She then says “ don’t worry, it is not a big challenge and anyway it is up to God and his timing.[Haiya! Woman if I was showing would you have made such a comment? NKT!]Her next question was the best, “So, does your husband have a job?” ATI???? I was now seething inside and did not answer her. I just wanted the bus to move faster so I could alight. What business is it of hers if my husband has a job or not, she does not even know the guy!!!when we got to our stop, we said goodbye then she alighted so I thought she was gone, but she was waiting for me when I got off the bus and she was really staring at my tummy I think trying to figure out if I was expectant or not, no doubt some gossip fodder for the old neighbours 🙂
  • I know I have not posted a recipe for a while so can I get away with this easy popcorn recipe? They all pop and so yummy with melted butter. I use Daima unsalted butter, and Sungold vegetable oil, 1 Tbsp.Have a lovely weekend all!

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