Of Dry roasted maize cobs…

I love this blog, especially the Alphabet of Memories series. WaMakeri’s writing always brings back so many memories of my own childhood that had been hidden for a long long time.

We are only three girls in our family. Yep, no brother. And my younger sister and I are nine years apart. Before she came along, I bore the brunt of my elder sister’s practical jokes and lies, some so unbelievable I cannot dare repeat them here for risk of being judged to have a “pentium one” mind. HaHa.

So when baby sis came along, it was my turn to avenge all I had been put through. One night Q, baby sister decided she had had enough and  it was payback time. I was usually the last one to go to bed. So after having my fill of watching late night tv, I switched it off and headed to our room. When I walked in, I could hear her giggling and my elder sister shushing her, but I  did not suspect anything.

Being the night person I was, I would usually watch tv after dinner already dressed for bed, so I would not have to switch on the light and bother them. So I made my way to the top bunk in the dark and got into bed. Then I felt some dry scratches on my thigh, you do not want to know how high I jumped screaming there was something in bed with me!

Boy did those girls laugh at me! It was late at night and my screaming and their laughing made my dad rush to our room to find out what was going on. Switching on the lights revealed several dry  roasted maize cobs in the middle of my bed! My dad was definitely not amused and all he said to me was “cut the jokes and get to bed!” He thought I had played the prank on myself????

It is still one of the funniest memories I have. Especially my dad laughing at me right in my face the next morning and telling me how much I deserved it for picking on Q.

PS: My dad and baby sis love roasted maize so y’all know where she got the cobs from!


4 thoughts on “Of Dry roasted maize cobs…

  1. Hahaha. Funny. Don’t know why, but as I was reading this post, I imagined you jumping around with your baby bump. Don’t judge me! I love your blog too! Always refreshing to see your posts.


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