H’s diss

H and I have this long running joke about the kind of schools we went to. He went to a public school close to their home while my sister and I went to Catholic schools (including high school).

I remember there was this time we were discussing the story books we read in school.

I have never heard of “Njaga the Town Monkey” but apparently it was a very popular story in H’s neck of the woods. Me, I was immersed in the world Enid Blyton created in her books, then on to Famous Five as I grew older, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Secret Seven and who can forget the Sweet Valley High series?

On Sunday, we passed by one of my former primary schools situated right smack in the city centre. It brought back so many memories; I even showed H the spot where I had fallen and broken my wrist in ’93. Guy is quiet all along, no jokes no funny comments until we got home and he asks if we used to cross the road to use the ‘kanjo’ loos now that I went to school in the concrete jungle? 

He even went ahead and called my elder sister at 10.00 pm the same night to ask the same question “very innocently”. Saying I laughed till my sides ached is an understatement 🙂


3 thoughts on “H’s diss

  1. LOL! Catholic Parochial (I am feeling like an achiever for having the name of the school). I always wondered where the children played. Our school had the ‘green green grass of home’. Can’t believe you didn’t meet Njaga the Town Monkey. Did you read Give the Devil his Due?


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