Irritating questions people ask

I’ve been asked so many questions by so many random people since my bump began to show but a few deserve some mention. First is “who is your doctor?” when this is from a well meaning friend or family member who knows all the doctors in Kenya that is fine. But random people? Eh NKT!              Others are the well meaning work mates self appointed nutritionists who have taken it upon themselves to inspect the lunch I’ve carried from home and ask why there are no greens? Do I need to explain to them the serious heart burn I’ve been getting so opt to have greens in the evening instead?                       Next is which hospital I have booked? Eh this is one question I also give random answers as I’ve heard and read enough horror stories of ALL the hospitals that can drive one to seriously consider a home birth!   
The questions are however mild compared to the advice I get. But that is a post for another day 🙂


4 thoughts on “Irritating questions people ask

  1. Have you been asked whether you will go for a CS or natural?
    A friend of mine was asked the above during her baby shower and I must say I was quite taken aback by that question.

    Wishing you well.


  2. Someone asked me how heavy my stomach is, another one asked me if i can balance or if I tip over considering how big I am.

    People are weird and ask funny questions and phrase them inappropriately.


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