Love my job but..,

Ever been in a situation where you love what you do for a living but your employer just has this knack of ticking you off? That is how I am feeling right now. As I had mentioned earlier my employer only gives eight weeks maternity leave and you forgo your annual leave. Mean AND Totally Illegal, I know. So the Big Kahuna had a change of heart and communicated to all team leaders at a meeting a few weeks ago that he is very considerate and has decided to adjust our maternity leave to the legal guideline of three months plus annual leave! We were so happy but wait, guys it is not to be as there is no written communication to everyone else. Now my predicament is this. I have no problem with the eight weeks but i have two weeks of my annual leave pending which my dear supervisor had assured me to keep pending as i would still be entitled to them under the new rule. Now, my due date is Tuesday and I wanted to apply for my thirteen days first which I have earned over the year only to be informed that I cannot take them and my maternity leave. So, yours truly will forgo my thirteen days which will not roll over to next year, and work till the last day as there is no clear communication as to whether I apply for Eight weeks maternity or Twelve weeks. Really?Β  What century are we in again?


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5 thoughts on “Love my job but..,”

    1. I know dear and it gets worse. My colleague interviewed for a position in a different department and passed. But she cannot transfer yet since she is to cover for me while I am away. She had been recommended to that position by our supervisor who knew I am expectant all along and the department cannot be be left vacant. Disorganisation galore I tell you!

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