So, still on maternity leave saga. I now have an email requesting me to give seven days notice before proceeding on my maternity leave. My question is this, why wait this long to inform me and on the same note ask me to forgo my  remaining annual leave of thirteen days. Oh dear me I am due in less than a week, how will they handle that?


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  1. Dear Wanjoro,

    Pole for your tribulations. It appears that you have a non-progressive employer. Pls note that your annual leave is an entitlement recognised in the Employment Act, 2007. The maternity leave is also an entitlement. As such, it is unlawful for your employer to suggest that you forgo the remaining leave days.

    On the issue of notice, an employer can ask for them under the guise of planning work. If i were you i would write them officially saying… my expected due date is …. But as you are aware, that date is just an estimate and delivery can occur up to 2 weeks before or after the said date.

    I hope this is helpful and best wishes.
    *PS… you could also apply for leave before hand if for instance you are going for a c-section on a certain date so that you utilise those days.


    1. I had already communicated to my employer giving my dates including the two weeks. Im beginning to think my employer should really not employ females of child bearing age due to the way they keep shifting goal posts over the matter. It implies that you either choose your job or family. Anyway these are the things they should disclose when one is employed, rather than find out when the actual happens. Sad.

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