Gotta love what kids say!

I love the different reactions I’ve been getting from different kids over my baby bump, and the questions they ask. For one, my niece asked via her Mum if the baby cries while in there. Lol. Then my best friend’s daughter, who I love to bits likes telling me to

“kiss Baby goodnight” when we talk on the phone at night.  How  I am to do that I have no idea. But the highlight was on Saturday evening having dinner with their family when she came, touched my belly and felt the baby move, then squealed to a friend at the other end of the table to “come see and touch baby is moving” just when we had shut our eyes to pray for dinner! And how can I forget our friends son who got a  baby sis recently! He was SO excited to hold her and sing the Spiderman theme song to her. So sweet I tell you.  And when H tried to tease that the baby was ours this kid told him off saying “No! That’s my baby, you bad uncle, your baby is in  aunty’s stomach! ” And yes, he was pointing at my belly when saying it 🙂


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