Someone asked me if our relationship has changed now that we have a baby. Yes it has, relationships as we all know are dynamic, not static. Baby or not both partners will change as they adapt to each other. One thing I like about being married to H is the person I have become. I have changed as he challenges me to grow and be a better person. I have become more patient for instance and realising my true potential as an individual. It is now a month since we welcomed our little girl and we are happy and our lives have been greatly enriched by this wonderful gift from God. She is a blessing in our home and we are both striving to be better people to not only be able to care for her, but also set a firm and positive foundation for her, setting a good example for her.Β Β  I know the relationship I have with H will continue to evolve and I am optimistic that it can only get better with time.Β  As for my relationship with my daughter, it is already off to
a great start!


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I love God, my husband, my family, food and loving married life!

2 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. True, with or without kids things change and for the better. A relationship without changes in my opinion is not growing, changes makes things better and clearer.

    Enjoy your daughter at every stage of her life because there is no other like that one, take it from me been there twice and its the loveliest experience life gives.


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