Role Models

I remember when I was in primary school, must have been in class five or four, a journalist came to our school and interviewed some students on what they think the definition of a role model is and who their role models are if any. I was one of the students and remember mentioning my elder sister, Patrick Njiru, Paul Muite and wait for it ….. Agwambo. SMH. Anyway it was the early nineties  multipartyism had  just been allowed; these guys were true liberation heroes (Paul and Raila), or so I thought at the time. Boy, have times changed:-(

role model 2

Oh and our responses were printed in the Daily Nation, my Dad was so proud, he highlighted the part in the article where I had been quoted and even made copies to pass on to family and friends. He even saved a copy in my file (you know, the file where our folks kept our report forms and fee structures –  I really hope everybody else’s folks did the same ha ha ).

So many years later, my sister is still my role model. As for the rest, I honestly have nothing to say. But time does open one’s eyes and make him or her wiser. Wonder what happened to Patrick Njiru though? I however do not regret my answers at that time because I did believe in those guys. I  do feel sorry though when people we look up to disappoint us and break our hearts eg  kids who looked up to Lance Armstrong- H and I were huge fans too until the truth came out. Sad.

I will be posting a lot this year on people I look upto and admire greatly. Some are family, others friends, and I hope by writing about them I will be sharing inspiring stories that will challenge both myself and my readers to be better people, work even harder and be more disciplined. Keep reading 🙂



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