How do you treat your partner’s friends?

 A few years ago, my pal W’s boyfriend (now husband) had been in a cycling race with three of  his pals (one of whom was this interesting lady’s boyfriend at the time) at Ngong hills. W’s boyfriend and Co.  dropped their pal at her place after the race. These guys were very hot, tired, hungry, thirsty and dusty. Anyway, her boyfriend invited them in and they chilled for a while. The girlfriend was there, did not offer them anything, even a glass of water. One of the guys actually asked if he could have some so her boyfriend got all of them some water. All the while she was in the same room with them chatting with a friend of hers eating oranges as if these guys were not there. W was a bit taken aback as it was the first time meeting her and she would not be bothered. 

The second incident was later that year when they started living together. W and her boyfriend went to visit them and when they got there she left! No welcome, how  have you been … nothing.. And they had called before going over. Strange huh?

It was clear this girl and W were not going to be close, or should I say friends?

The third incident also took place a few years ago. W’s boyfriend used to work out of town so this one weekend after Christmas W, his sisters, some cousins and friends  all headed there for some fun. The house was big enough for all of them but this lady still managed to dampen the liveliness ( is that correct?) of that weekend. She would not mingle with the rest of them, was rude to others and kept on going on and on about how bored she was. She was getting on people’s nerves so much oh but the highlight was when she found W and her boyfriend  outside eating and complained ” Gosh, this is so boring, it is not as much fun as it was last time when it was just the four of us”. The four meaning her and her boo, W’s boyfriend and his ex. I know!!!!!!  That was sick.

So now they are both married couples with kids and do see each other a bit as their husbands are friends. The other day they went to visit W and her hubby with their kids. This lady refused any food or drink. Her little girl however did have a little snack offered by the hostess but of course her mama had to spoil it all by saying ” be careful honey as you eat that, do not get it on these seats that are not child friendly”. WTH? Did she really have to say that? Oh and they left when the food was almost ready. Poor W.

This is a long gossipy post but it got me thinking as to how we ladies behave towards our partners’ family and friends. You cannot love all true, but you can at least make an effort to be polite and civil to those you cannot stand. Remember, they were there before you and probably know him better than you. So smile and be nice, you do not have to be best friends to his best friend’s partner but you can at least have a decent conversation with him or her ama?  If you cannot then just avoid that person which is not so easy to do in this case as these ladies’ husbands are best pals 😦

Making snide comments and being rude just won’t do. What do you think W should do?

How exactly should you treat your partner’s friends and family?

More on this topic coming soon…..





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4 thoughts on “How do you treat your partner’s friends?”

  1. been a while since I don’t have to like anybody but you do have to treat everybody like a decent human being and being rude is just unacceptable. These are those situations where you find yourself in a jam far far away from anybody you know apart from your partner’s friend that you dislike.Being a gracious friend doesn’t break your back.


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