The Long Wait.

It’s been a week but the end is in sight for Kenyans to know who their next president is. We have proven to be a strong, patient and peaceful people so far and I hope it remains that way regardless of who wins. Some of the lessons I have learnt is patience and tolerance, especially towards those who are so negative about the whole process and the time it has taken. I am of the view that better slow and sure, than fast and uncertain. So dearest IEBC, take your time. Social media has been abuzz with all sorts of comments. I like the funny posts and pics but not comments that spew hate and irresponsibility.I am also beginning to believe we are a nation of poor spellers. we seriously need spelling bees! I would not want to be the person in HR reading resumes and applications written by some Kenyan adults on official websites, and when you mispell Swahili too, there is no hope for you. Anyway our politicians need some serious lessons in patience so that they can stop spreading malicious rumours in the name of raising concerns about the tallying process and should be given a media blackout. Anyway the long wait continues but I already know my governer, senator and MP  and that is what matters to me. ION H now calls me “tallying” he he he:-)


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