Abscondita is the name H used to refer to our house help when she did not come to work for three days. However it’s because she was not feeling well. I think he called her that as she put off taking meds until I pushed her too. This was the first time she had really ticked me off. I have had no other reason to complain as she’s really good with the baby, mature and never been late for work. Her views on life are rather quirky and you can be sure I’ll be posting some of the .funny things she says. One time she asked if we’re going on holiday to Mombasa in December. When I asked why, she said that she wanted to come with us so she could also visit her relative who lives there. Reason she can’t go by herself, “unajua mtanibeba na gari na tutakaa kwa hoteli kama wahindi”.Β  Another time I made oats for breakfast and she commented “nyinyi ni wazungu, hao tu ndio wanakula hizo, na supaketi na nyama ya kusiaga”. The most interesting request she made however was when we hired her, it was to just allow her to wear a uniform as she does not want her clothes to wear out πŸ™‚ Abscondita is funny.


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