Nostalgia is defined in the Collins English Dictionary as the yearning for the return of past circumstances or events; longing for home or family; homesickness.

I have been very nostalgic of late, missing my childhood and my next posts will reflect that.

We are three girls in the family, I am the middle child so was the most tempestuous and irrational. I have come a long way though, of late I have come to believe that I am the most mature and reasonable of the three of us πŸ™‚

We were lucky to grow up with grandparents who did not live far from us, so going to ‘shags’ was a not big deal for us. My paternal grandfather passed away when I was 11 years old and I do have some fond memories of him. He always used to bring us the ‘Habari’ brand of biscuits and mutura. [ BTW, who remembers these biscuits?]. When my mum was expectant with my younger sister, he used to bring her fish. Sweet huh?

He was not very talkative but he loved us equally and that was enough. If I misbehaved at home and Mum was on the warpath, I would run as fast as my little legs would carry me to my grandparents’ place and hide out while he and my grandma would attempt to mediate. There is this grey cap he loved and whenever I see anyone with a similar cap its like I can sense him close. I miss you Guka.

My paternal Grandmother passed away earlier this year and to be honest I am having a tough time accepting this as I had not seen her for a while, despite living quite close to her. I have fond memories of her babysitting my younger sister when we had no house help. There was this time when my mum was in hospital for a long time, I had malaria, my elder sister was in boarding and my baby sister who must have been about 2 years at the time had an ear infection and my grandmother soothed her the whole night and took her to hospital the next day.

As stated above, I was a tempestuous little girl when things did not please me e.g having my teeth pulled out. I hated and still avoid going to the dentist. Having my milk teeth pulled always took extra effort; once it took my Mum chasing me round our house (outside) with both grandmothers standing at different corners and I ran straight into their arms and my tooth was pulled out pronto πŸ™‚ Screaming for my Dad did not help matters as he was nowhere to be seen. Conveniently.

Cucu also made the best fermented porridge and yummy pancakes which are one of the things I miss about her already. She loved God, her family, her friends, her farm and her cows in that order. She had so many friends of all ages and it was rare for two days to go by without a visitor. I remember a distant relative being released from detention in the Nyayo era, and the first place he came to was to my grandmother’s place. I feel bad she did not get to hold my baby girl but I am to blame for that. Kept putting it off until it was too late, but according to my aunt she had been planning to come see the baby too but got too ill 😦

I’ll be sure to let my daughter know my grandparents by sharing the memories I have of them with her.
I will try my best to live what I learnt from them. To love God, always be loyal to family, always work hard and be thankful at all times because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.
Rest in Peace Cucu.


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