Abscondita tales

Now that NSSF has asked us to register our house helps, they have not told us how to deal with those who do not want to be registered. Like my dear Abscondita. She says she does not need it as she is not going to be in employment long enough to have a tidy amount that will help her later in life. She is quite old and has always told me we’ll be her last employers. She is fine with NHIF but no NSSF for her and she’s adamant on the same. This is very interesting coming from someone who knows and gets paid minimum wage, overtime when applicable and wants to know when my annual leave is so she can plan for hers at the same time πŸ™‚Β  Before NSSF we had agreed to put part of her salary in her savings account which she can access after employment, and she is fine with it. How do i convince her to agree? And what to do when the NSSF folks knock on our door?


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