Total embarrassment!

Today is one of those days I would rather forget. Yesterday a male colleague gave me a branded shopping bag (like the ones we get at Nakumatt). I refused at first but he really insisted so I told another colleague to take it upstairs for me. And I forgot about it. Later when I was preparing to go home, the guy I had given it too reminded me to take it and even joked if he could keep it. I said gj was fine as I did not really need it, and suggested he give it to a female colleague. Well he did give it to the one female colleague I do not get along with in the office. Reason we do not get along is I once told her off for prying and commenting about my personal life. So this evening we were talking and this lady who got the bag starts telling this guy how embarrassed she was when another colleague found her in a cyber next to the work place and claimed the bag was hers, in a not so nice way, to the extent of telling her to remove her things from the bag! The lady was so ashamed and bought a paper bag to keep her things in. Now the one who was shamed thinks I did that on purpose. I have already apologized and explained how I got the bag, and I know it is not much. But I will do somethin to make it up to her. As for the lady in question, the “shamer” in this case, we talk and she has not brought it up so I guess the other lady did not tell her where she got the bag. But it still does not excuse her behaviour. As for the guy who gifted me the bag, he insists it was a genuine gift. My head is dizzy with all this. Should just do as my Mum taught me; to not give away my gifts. Let’s just say today is my most embarrassing day ever! Shame on me!


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