Today just confirms what I have been denying for a long time. I love my job, but not my employer. The system, the bureaucracy can make you weep. I do actually. Weep. At times. I love what I do but the time has come to seriously assess my performance and growth personally. It feels like a great love affair gone sour, when you know the two of you are not meant to be but none dares to make the first move, as you do not want to be the one to make the heart breaking statement that it’s over. Sigh. I really needed the courage to move on and it’s beginning to build up. I feel the pressure to walk away, not to easier times. God knows the grass is not always greener on the other side, but I feel that there is more to my life than this. Why do I take so long to make decisions? Sigh. And yes. I know this is a one sided relationship where my employer will replace quicker than a blink, and feel nothing for me.


7 thoughts on “Awkward

  1. Oh dear, I so feel you…. Γ½ou both know the relationship is not working out but none wants to make the first move… I was stuck in that rut for about 2 years. But we’ve since parted ways and I’m more than happy with my decision. When you’re at your wits end, you’ll know. And you’ll make that move. Best wishes.


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