Weekend Recap: Saturday

I have to really improve on my posting. Too many drafts that are yet to go up and some are outdated now. Sigh. Work pressure has been crazy and it’s not about to lighten up so I have to get organized ASAP.

Had a great weekend, other than my throat infection which has made my voice hoarse for the longest time 😦

My Saturday morning was meh! But I got a lovely spa treat from Hub in the afternoon. I did not know I am that easy to surprise, I thought we were heading home after a few errands when he turned into the spa and voila, I was lil’ miss pampered for the better part of the afternoon. I loved it.
The massage session was interesting though. They set up the room for a couple’s massage, only for H to tell them to go ahead with me alone. The massage was R.E.L A.X.I.N.G I really needed it.

However a few minutes into the massage, I heard a couple of people enter the room and I thought I heard a male voice, but I was enjoying myself thoroughly so just decided to switch off. A short while later I realized that it was a man also having a massage done. In the same room! I was face down and in full panic mode now wondering who the hell it was, and how the hell they could have erred and put someone’s husband in the same room as me. Did they confuse couples? Was there a poor lady somewhere enjoying her massage without her hubby by her side? I could not wait to be up and cause drama for such a mix up. My mind was on overdrive on how I’ll be sure to get a year’s worth of full treatment for H and I due to the mix up. I even began wondering how I will even explain to H what happened, should I tell him immediately he picks me and await brimstone to fall on the poor lady at the reception or should I handle it myself and tell him about it when we are far from there. I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable and was ready to get up and stop the massage there and then, but also reasoned that hey, I am face down so I might as well have this lady finish and then leave, instead of causing drama when somewhat dressed( ok, undressed). Yup, that’s me in panic mode, I freeze physically but my brain is just on fire.
So I just took a long breath and decided to enjoy the remaining half hour of my massage and deal with them properly once I am fully done. Then before I knew it I was done with my massage and had to get up and leave. And there is a dude I do not know in the room. WTH! Then, he got up too as I was walking out, this must have been so hilarious to those massage therapists, and I was too scared to look up and confirm whether it was my husband or not. This guy was also not talking and I was thoroughly scared now, my hands were clammy and my mind froze! I mean I saw H walk to the car so why would he come back? And why won’t this guy talk if he’s not my husband or if he is my husband Arrgh too much stress!
So we’re are both walking down this path and I am too scared to leave my therapist’s side or look up to see if it’s my husband ……. Everything was so confusing to me until we got to the ‘relaxing lounge / room” (whatever it’s called) and then I saw that it was MY husband. I was not amused. I was so confused.
Apparently he decided to come back after I had been taken to change. It was a huge relief. Sweet unassuming H thought that I knew he was the one in the room with me and was wondering why I was quiet the whole time.
We laughed about it but that’s one situation I would not want to be in again. The massage yes, another person in the room without me knowing, no.

PS: To Jean, I have H’s permission to repeat this experience here:-)


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Saturday

  1. I never read your writings in a huff…..:-) the end is just hilarious, I pictured your face filled with fury and your cheeks all HOT RED!!!…

    Ahem! one last bit you missed 🙂

    Your H is awesome!


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