Weekend Recap : Sunday

After the beautiful end to Saturday, it was only fitting that Sunday would be a fabulous day too. Right?
Njeri is weaned now and some of the foods I have already introduced to her are mashed sweet potato (she loves her ‘ngwaci’), pawpaw, pumpkin, ripe banana, porridge and spinach. I am thankful that she has had no reactions to any of these foods; now want to try oats, rice and watermelon. The pediatrician wrote me a list of the foods she can have now and this site is very helpful too.
I had a solo raw leftover sweet potato and was at a loss on what to do so I consulted my faithful Google and came across an easy sweet potato pancake recipe and decided to give it a try for Sunday breakfast.
I usually make potato pancakes but never tried with sweet potatoes. The great thing about this recipe was having all the ingredients on hand and it took a short time.
I have also made H poached eggs before but skipped this time round as I am not an egg fan and the pancake recipe does include eggs anyway.
So here is the pictorial result:

Trust me, they taste better than they look and the grated carrot makes them crunchy, yummilicious!
The best part next to eating of course was asking H to taste and guess the ingredients – I do this to him all the time I make something new without him seeing me make it. Try it and enjoy y’selves friends.
Sunday afternoon was spent with family as usual. H and I plus all my SILs and the two Njeris all piled into the combi and went to see my aunt. Great times with family. The only downside was Njeri looking away when I wanted to take a photo of her being held by my Aunty. This girl is very smart.
On our way back we met a stark naked dude walking down the busy Thika Highway, either he was mad or suicidal as dusk was setting in and he wasn’t easily visible. SMH.
We also stopped at Parklands and bought some mihogo (cassava) crisps from those guys near Oshwal High (with H bargaining of course) More Yumminess that I did not enjoy as my throat infection was now in high gear.
Anyway it was a lovely weekend, hope yours was too. Enjoy the remaining week ahead


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