Being considerate.

How any times do we put ourselves first? Too many if you ask me. One off the things I love about H is his humility. As stated in a previous post, being married to him is a daily lesson on not putting myself first.

On Sunday we went for my niece’s second birthday party. Njeri was so excited with the balloons and all, it was a nice small family affair. On our way back home we used James Gichuru road heading to Waiyaki way. A ramshackle marathon passed us just after the junction to turn into strathmore (I forget what it’s called), and for those familiar you know that one should not overtake there as its a blind spot. The matatu unfortunately hit an oncoming vehicle on the right side and instead of stopping, the driver sped off! Mad, I know!  without a second thought H just said “someone should stop that guy” hit the gas and we plus the land cruiser in front of us chased the guy to the junction where James Gichuru meets Waiyaki way.  we blocked the matatu and H plus the driver of the land cruiser forced the driver out. In case you are wondering, yes, there were passengers in the matatu who alighted and walked away. I asked one of them why they did I not ask him to stop but he just shrugged and walked away. 

It made me wonder how often we keep quiet when we see things go wrong. In the workplace, at church, at public spaces but do nothing about it, always waiting for someone else to step in. For a more courageous person to tell the driver of a PSV to stop speeding, for a better neighbor to assist or great help when robbers come, etc.

H always challenges me by his actions that it is up to me to make the space I occupy better, it is my responsibility. No one else’s. as I said, it is a challenge.

Anyway, back to the drama. Despite H and the other drivers efforts, the matatu mad man got away but we managed to get evidence (photographic) . To make things worse, the land cruiser was also damaged at the front and got a puncture. my dearest husband being the considerate man he always is, proceeded to assist the other driver change his tyre and we did not leave till he was comfortable enough to leave.

H did it all for free, we spent about forty minutes and he was calm the whole time. when done the other driver’s wife came over said hi and thanks, and told me how impressed they were that H helped them when he did not have to. 

We left the scene and headed home but one thing struck me. When the other driver asked H why he helped, he replied that it could have been anyone hit that evening, it could have been us or someone we know, our have been much worse, so we all need to be humble enough to be each other’s keeper, and responsible enough to seek justice for the wronged. I love this man more and more everyday!

so next time you see something wrong, do not just walk away, it could  involve somebody you know.

Take care friends.




6 thoughts on “Being considerate.

  1. That is a kind man right there. Reminds me when my pal and I took the Langata bypass when it was still horrible and her car bumper fell off! Some random guy came and helped us out and got really dirty and he was on the way to a party. When we asked him why he had helped, he said that he would want someone to help his wife if he wasn’t there. May God bless these good men!


  2. You did good. Reminds me of a story of some pals who chased a rogue matatu. I think it got away, though. When the friends reported to the police, the police said chasing a matatu is reckless driving!!
    (BTW you may want to replace ‘marathon’ with matatu :-D)


    1. LOL. Thanks so much Baba Teo.  I’m not good at typing from my mini tab 😦  Grammar and spelling check will be done. I’ll work on the widget too. Thanks for the birthday ideas. 

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