Irritating behaviour.

What pisses you off? Pretty sure it’s a long list for many including myself. Do you ever watch how people behave or hear how they talk and wonder who raised them or not? Lol I am not angry, nor being judgmental but I do wish we as human beings would behave a bit more decently.  At work and at home. I’m pretty sure you have that one colleague you wonder how they behave around their family. Are they as rude and uncouth as they are in the office.  woe unto you if you use public transport and are seated next to the guy who has to stretch to reach his wallet from his backside pocket and you can’t help but wonder if he’s feeling you up or reaching for his fare. Or the conductor who will not give you your change unless you insist. What about those colleagues who make rude jokes about others physical appearance. The taxi guy who over charges you because of how you are dressed and whether you spoke too him in English or Swahili.  Do not forget that pal who is a know it all, and will never let anyone else get a word in. Or those who gossip endlessly and spread rumors shamelessly. I’m all for honesty but tact is key too, though we all know one person we love who is not aware that being overly blunt is not the best. 

But what cracks me up the most is how some people react when you decide not to play along with them. One of our senior colleagues has this irritating habit of patting female staff on the shoulder a bit too heavily. Well he did it to me the other day, and I told him sweetly that its not proper and should not happen again. Now I am branded a drama queen *snort* and he keeps throwing dirty looks at me. Apparently I am the only one who thinks its a problem. Well you know what dude it is a problem and I am pretty sure he would not want that done to his wife or daughter. It makes me wonder why bad behaviour is acceptable to us as long as it does not affect those we care about, and silence is equated to mean acceptance. Sigh. Why can’t we all just get along without being so touchy feely.


2 thoughts on “Irritating behaviour.

  1. A lady friend of mine said that the conductor not returning change usually happens more to women.

    Upbringing is key. Those boys you see being made to pee on the roadside become the men who pee on the roadside. Upbringing is key!


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