My hilarious husband.

As stated some time ago, H and I have embarked on our biggest project so far as a couple. I’m pretty sure there are man more to come but it’s been an exciting and exhausting process so far. Yes. It’s a construction project.

Anyway, we gave had to put some of the building material outside the gate due to space and quantity constraints. Dish ok this sounds like a mega project but its not πŸ™‚

We had two large mounds of sand and ballast which was tempting to neigh kids in the neighborhood. They would climb and run or slide down which was quit messy. the mounds have really decreased in size but the ballast is still tempting. On Friday, we found a small boy, about seven years on top off the ballast. H just slowed the car down and called the boy over so nicely…

H: Hey, are you ok.

Boy: Yes, I’m fine

H: what were you doing up there?

Boy: nothing, I was just passing by.

H: oh, I did not know there was a path on the ballast.

At this point, I think the boy was ready to bolt when he realized who H was…

H: Do you want to run away? AreΒ you fast?

At this point the poor boy was bewildered And I was trying to figure out what H was planning to do.

H: Do you like it when someone steps on you, even if its by mistake?

Boy : No

H: Would you expect that person to apologize to you?

Boy: Yes.

H: Why?

Boy : Because that person has hurt me.

H: ok. So since you have hurt the stones kindly apologise to them.

At this point I was trying so hard not laugh out out loud. The boy looked lost and ready to have the earth swallow him.

H: please apologise to the ballast it’s really hurt and it’s almost dark we all need to go home.

The poor boy turned towards the pile of ballast and actually said sorry! Haha ha ha

H : I’m sure the stones have accepted your apology, you can go home now.

the poor boy ran as fast as he could without turning back. And H just acted as if all is well. Smh. Who is this I married folks?


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